Eurotessile Spa was established in 1983 and has now over 30 years of experience in the textile sector.

Located in northern Italy, around 50 km from Milan and 5 km from Bergamo and its international airport, Eurotessile has two production departments and one warehouse in Cavernago (Bergamo), covering 15.000 square meter and employing 50 workers.

  • Spinning cotton ring with 11.000 spindles installed, all equipped with a corespun system. The production capacity is around 10.000 kg per day.
  • Weaving, equipped with 50 looms for both 200 cm and 400 cm of width, which allow to weave any kind of product the market may request. The capacity production is around 15.000 mt of unbleached fabric per day.

Eurotessile has a strong environmental engagement and since 2013 has installed on top of three sheds’ roofs a photovoltaic system capable of producing 30% of the total annual consumption of energy. It also has the process certification ISO 9001:2008.